Samsonite - EVOA TECH


Known for its high-end technology and quality, fuse functionality to luggage design, worldwide leader of luggage Samsonite has stayed true to its creed with its innovative approach. The newly launched EVOA TECH series features:

• Fingerprint-activated TSA Locking Technology

• Bluetooth Proximity Tracker

• Built In Weight Scale

• AERO-TRAC™️ Suspension Wheel


Deeply inspired by their innovative and high-tech products, we set off a journey where audience were taken as travellers to explore the Samsonite EVOA City by means of a luggage case. Working in hand with the 3D team, we aimed to offer audience a full simulated travel experience, where they were taught how the products benefit them and solve common problems in everyday travel so as to increase their loyalty to the brand.


Art direction, creative concept, design lead


3D animation

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